Published on 24 Sep, 2015

by Evren Ay

TinyBop creates elegant, educational iOS apps that spark the curiosity of kids around the world. Tinybop apps allow kids to play and learn by diving into big ideas, seeing how things work and making connections about the world they live in. TinyBop’s first release - The Human Body came out in August 2013 and topped the Apple App Store’s education charts in 143 countries and was downloaded 4.9 million times.

“We started Tinybop because we saw a big hole in the marketplace for educational apps that are deep, beautiful, and educational. As a parent, I was frustrated with the options and saw an opportunity in the gap.” - Raul Gutierrez, Founder - TinyBop 

  • Seamless ordering platform; Tinybop uploaded their content, selected all languages for instant ordering
  • No minimum charges. None whatsoever
  • Delivery of translations in exactly the format Tinybop needs
  • The dramatic increase in Tinybop revenues with the minimal translation cost
    • 70% of TinyBop’s revenue comes from their localized apps
    • China and Russia grew to #2 and #3 in TinyBop sales
  • Better competitiveness – MotaWord's speed and accurate localization service allowed higher local iOS adoption for markets with growing iOS usage
MotaWord delivers high-quality translations, as fast as possible. MotaWord translators and editors work collaboratively, simultaneously on TinyBop’s content, with proofreaders overseeing every string. In addition, translation memory handles repetitive terms for consistency effortlessly producing high-quality results.


MotaWord provides instant quotes as soon as Tinybop text is uploaded to MotaWord website. There is no need for guesswork on translation costs. For projects in multiple languages, this is a life-saver.


MotaWord also allows TinyBop to order translations for even a few words into multiple languages with no minimum charges. This makes it easy and cost-effective to translate short content that might get introduced later in the app development process.


TinyBop asked MotaWord to deliver their multiple language translations in a particular format that worked best for them and made their life easier. Our answer? Yes, sure we can!

Visit www.motaword.com to see how MotaWord can help your business translate faster, cheaper and better.

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